Mailing List Mistake

Me and Fanger done went and screwed up our mailing list sign up shit. We accidentally had the the sign up form redirecting to my real name after confirming the sign up. Some of y’all may actually know who I really am now. Oh hell, oh well. I was gonna tell ever body eventually. Guess that’s what I git for trying to set all this shit up too fast.

I’m still working. I’ll have some better posts up soon!

Lick and the Invasion

They came up on us like a gravy crap. We was just down by the creek dranking and shooting when them ugly suckers flanked us. My name is Lick. They call me Lick cause when I was a baby I used to lick everything. This is the story of me and my buddy Fanger. We call him Fanger cause when he was a kid he broke his panky fanger on is right hand and his mom and deddy didn’t git it fixed right. Now it sticks out all the time like a fancy yankee or English man dranking tea. Anyway, this is the story of our first encounter and how we ended up on the run. Just like everybody else.