Me and Fanger Want to Talk to Readers

Me and Fanger want to talk to readers to learn more about what y’all like and don’t like in our stories. If there is sumpin’ y’all want to know more about let us know. We’ll try to work it into future books.

I have a few readers I know who said that wanted to know more about the real Bill Cooper and Maybelle Turner. That’s how come we decided to talk about them in book 4.

So let’s hear it y’all. Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or this here blog. We’ll take break from whoopin’ alien ass to talk to have a conversation.

Meet the Real Bill Cooper and Maybelle Turner in Book 4

If you finished book 3 you know me, Fanger and Jack are in some deep shit. In book 4 we git on to even deeper shit. But me and Fanger trained for any thang that comes our way.

In book 4 git ready to learn a few thangs about them alien critters. And git ready to meet the real Bill Cooper and Maybelle Turner.

Book 4 should be out within the next two weeks. I’ll have more updates soon!